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CPC 16
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A 58 year old female sought advice at a hospital dental department for swelling of the upper lip. This swelling was noticeable extraorally and intraorally. It was firm to touch and somewhat moveable. The patient related it had been present for many months with gradual increase in size.

Differential Diagnosis:

  1. Minor salivary gland tumor (a monomorphic adenoma is most likely in this location.)
  2. Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst
  3. Benign neurogenic tumor
  4. other soft tissue tumors


Slide 1 (medium power, H&E). This portion of the lesion is composed of one type of epithelial cell producing a uniform ductal pattern throughout the entire field. A scant supporting stroma is found.

Diagnosis: Monomorphic Adenoma (Canalicular Adenoma)