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This 14 year old boy sought dental treatment because of a moderately large bulge in the mandibular mucobuccal fold. A panoramic radiograph shows a large multilocular radiolucent lesion extending from the lower left second molar to the lower right cuspid area.

Differential Diagnosis:

  1. Ameloblastoma
  2. Odontogenic Myxoma
These are the two most likely choices due to the size of the tumor and the presence of variously sized locules.


Slide 1 (medium power, H&E). This field shows a moderately cellular lesion with a lightly staining myxoid background. The cells appear slender and contain deeply staining nuclei.

Slide 2 (high power, H&E). The cells contain deeply basophilic ovoid nuclei and exhibit slender elongated cytoplasmic extensions.

Diagnosis: Odontogenic Myxoma